Seddwell's Story

International community hub

Seddwell Center is a members’ clubhouse which is governed by BAS Enterprises KG and base Verein. Both entities work together to create a happier, healthier international community.

Seddwell started in 2012 when founding members Debbie (New Zealand) and Sabine (Austria) saw the need to create a safe haven for expatriates to assimilate and connect with local Austrian residents. As a result, they wanted to create a space for people who need a home away from home. Consequentially this is the purpose of Seddwell today.

The name SEDDWELL is based on the initials of our founders

Sabine Eichler  & Debbie Depine

and the well from WELLbeing

Maori custom of giving fairly

KOHA means a Maori custom of giving fairly

We create cultural community events and workshops:
  • Holistic Well-being (massage, yoga, meditation)
  • English and German Language Classes (A1 – C1)
  • Retail shops that promote a better way of life
  • Organic Cafés and food co-ops
  • Local community markets
  • Multi-use event spaces
  • Community think tank & workshop spaces to solve community issues
  • Art space (exhibitions, arts and crafts workshops)

Mission & Vision

Seddwell Center is an intercultural hub that brings people together from all corners of the world.

We want to create a happier, healthier community.

We offer an open platform for people to share their skills and talents. In doing so, we can encourage our members and local community to explore their passions and connect with those around them. To do this we must provide exceptional experiences to everyone. These are our ‘Urban Adventures’: cultural, educational and well-being experiences and services to make our members feel supported and at home. Our aim is to make a positive difference financially, ethically and socially to the well-being and education of communities around the world.

The long term vision is to become a global leader of ethical community well-being & educational businesses, therefore highlighting a path that is profitable for all. Our vision encompasses working with passionate people to build cooperatives in a shared space.

Join The Seddwell Community

Seddwell Center provides a space to create happier healthier communities. We want to make the world a better place and we need you.