About Us
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Find a home away from home at the Seddwell Center!

 Learn Well

 Live well

 Be well

This is the home of Seddwell Learning.  We offer learning groups for all ages and for people of all cultural backgrounds to learn English and German in an enjoyable and relaxing environment.  Learning takes place not only in our teaching rooms, but participants can also apply what they have learned in a practical and authentic way by attending Bohemian Soul events.

Physical, mental and spiritual well-being is also a priority for the Seddwell Center and to this end we offer various workshops, Reiki, Massage and more as part of our Akasha Wellbeing Program. Our instructors are all certified, passionate about their fields and devoted to the well-being of others. 

At the heart of the center is Bohemian Soul, an inviting community space where we offer food and drink and also hold events, such as international pot-luck dinners, cooking courses and wine & cheese evenings for our members. There is also a bio-shop where you can find various organic products (tea, wine, beer, chocolate and more!) and hand-made jewellery and other crafts.

Our Team

Founder & Caretaker

Sabine Eichler

Nationality: Austrian

Education: Magister; Interpreter for English & Italian

Sabine is responsible for organizing and teaching English and German courses at the Center, organizing corporate language courses, and planning and teaching further education program for teachers.

Founder & Caretaker

Debbie Adams

Nationality: New Zealander
Education: Bachelor of Education

Debbie is the visionary who guides our team to work cooperatively to create the world they wish to live in. She motivates the team to get things done to a standard and quality above expectation and to do it willingly while enjoying what they are doing!
She is also the creator and manager of our kids and teens programs at the Center.

Well-being Manager

Kelly Plathe

Nationality: American
Education: PhD in Geochemistry; Certified Yoga Instructor

Kelly manages the Akasha Well-being Program at the Center along with teaching yoga classes.

IT Manager

Erlend Depine

Nationality: Austrian
Erlend takes care of all the IT needs at the Center.