Seddwell Center | Akasha Wellbeing Program
Akasha Wellbeing Program offers yoga classes and monthly workshops, Reiki and massage at the Seddwell Center in Graz.
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Although the types of yoga vary, all seek to create union – union between our own body and mind and union with all living things.  We offer a variety of classes suitable for all ages, experience levels and will suit these courses to your needs.  Whether you are into a higher energy Vinyasa flow or a nice slow-paced Yin class we have what you are looking for!  Please see below for information about our instructors.






Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and promote healing with or without the use of touch. Using Universal energy to activate and open blockages we have in the body to release what no longer serves us. It activates the natural restorative processes of ones body and rejuvenates their physical and emotional well-being.


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Life Massage at the Seddwell Center offers a full range of treatments from deep tissue sports massage to holistic aroma massage. Your personal wellness is a much larger subject than just illness or health. It includes physical and mental health, emotional state, social, spiritual and occupational aspects and every massage treatment is focused to help you achieve a positive and healthy life.


Next massage day is: Oct 23


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Our well-being team

Yoga Instructor

Kelly Plathe

Yoga started for me as a purely physical experience and has become a way of life. Over the last 10 years I have been continuously learning and still learn something new with each day I practice! Although I do enjoy the physical benefits yoga has to offer, it is the increased awareness of mind and body that has kept me coming back to my practice day after day and has taught me that yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat but is something that is interwoven with our day to day lives. I am currently teaching Vinyasa Flow based classes; however, I also have interests in other forms of yoga, such as Anusara, Restorative and Yin, and tend to incorporate components from these into my classes. I am on a continual path to learn more and always love sharing what I have gained with others. Everything that is taught in my classes is something that has personally benefited me through my own practice.

Yoga Instructor

Doris Plank

Reiki Therapist

Debbie Adams

Massage Therapist

Ryan Evans

Coming from an Elite Level sporting background, Ryan has a dedicated life long commitment to his own health and fitness. His enthusiasm for his own well-being and his desire to help people enjoy the true freedom of which their's can bring, shines through in his work. His International Diplomas in Holistic Massage, advanced deep tissue work and continuous professional development all combined with his passion for massage, makes him your perfect health and well-being therapist. Providing holistic massage and bodywork to relax, de-stress or rejuvenate your body ready for all of life’s experiences.